Top Equity Release Companies

Many people are scared of the idea of living in old age, and without family or children to take care of them. It is for this reason that equity release has become so popular in recent years. Equity release is when a homeowner borrows money against their home’s value, and uses it to supplement their income at retirement time. These loans can be taken out with many different companies, and there are some great benefits to using one over another! In this post we will discuss best equity release companies that offer amazing rates for homeowners who want the best deal possible.

Best Equity Release Companies

Massive Equity Release Loans: We want homeowners to be able to keep their equity in the home for as long as possible, so we offer one of the lowest rates on the market. For an example loan with us a client would have monthly payments at just £75 per month! This is well below many other companies who charge up to £200 and even higher! Come see why our company provides such great services and deals.

Elderly Housing Association Loan Services: The Elderly Housing Association offers some of the most amazing loans that are made exclusively for those over 60 years old. These people deserve carefree retirement time after working hard all their lives, without having to worry about debt or struggling financially!

A good example of a product that is offered is the Lifetime Mortgage, which may be used as an investment or to help buy expensive home repairs. With this loan you do not need to sell your property in order for it to repay itself; instead you only pay back what you owe each month!

The company also offers equity release mortgages and lifetime annuity plans for those who are looking into long-term care insurance. The elderly housing association has one of the lowest rates on these types of loans available anywhere today – so come see us and we will make sure all your needs are met with great customer service!

Annuity Loans: Annuex Limited provides regular income from savings without having them spent when interest rates drop again (which they inevitably will).